The Rise of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

With graduation approaching faster than a Randy Johnson fastball, I’ve been doing an insane amount of networking to find some exciting opportunities for next year.  One of the analysts I spoke to wanted me to create a stock pitch in 5 pages or less.  The requirements were to choose any equity I thought could gain a double digit return with a one year time horizon using fundamental analysis.  As a result, I chose Regeneron (REGN) – a position I’ve held for over a year already.  The stock has had an incredible run over the last two years, but my thesis still remains that the company’s pipeline is greatly undervalued.  I figured I’d post my final report on the blog to spark some debate on whether or not readers agree with my price target of $249.

Click the link below to view the PDF:

Regeneron (REGN) Stock Pitch

I’d love to hear any thoughts, comments or constructive criticism you have on the analysis!

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One thought on “The Rise of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

  1. James says:

    I bought FFI when u posted about it. I have 500 shares in my account but I did not get the buy out price yet. Should this automatically happen, or how do the shares get converted to cash? They have just been sitting in my account for months.

    Thanks and good call on finding this unique situation.

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